Healing Beyond Diet

Healing Beyond Diet, Part 3: Dani’s Story

This is the third post in my series 'Healing Beyond Diet' where I am sharing stories of those in the chronic illness community who have dealt with eating disorders or developed disordered eating habits as a result of following restrictive "healing diets". You can read more about the start of this series here. Today, I… Continue reading Healing Beyond Diet, Part 3: Dani’s Story


There’s Comfort in Illness

I think most people are familiar with the idea that change is scary. Change happens where fear lies. And growth happens where change transpires. Have you ever thought that maybe you fear getting well because it's change? Because you are familiar with your illness, you know how it operates, you've become used to feeling ill,… Continue reading There’s Comfort in Illness


From Plant-based to Paleo

I just posted a video on my youtube channel with a full explanation on why I returned to a paleo-style diet after being plant based vegan for over 9 months. I encourage you to watch it to not only understand my side but also to help you figure out what type of diet may be… Continue reading From Plant-based to Paleo


Pink Power Smoothie (Vegan/Paleo)

I've been really digging on papaya lately. Not only is it delicious if you have a perfectly ripe one (it took me a long time to learn what ripe is for papaya- when the outside gets soft and dark and it almost seems like it is going bad), but papaya is a health powerhouse! Papaya… Continue reading Pink Power Smoothie (Vegan/Paleo)